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Specializing in Natural Horsemanship

Equipment, Handling & Care


Mostly known for larger, heavier saddle. Western riding has endless options as far as compition and rodeo events. Also known for comfort for horse and rider.


English saddles are known for closer contact with the horse and more technical approach for rider. Whether its jumping dressage or endurance racing their are variations of this saddle for each disipline.


Austrailian saddles are used all over the world for activities that require long hours in the saddle. Having stylistic roots from an English saddle but also offers comfort and security of Western design as well.

Equipment Training

Fitting your saddle, and bridle! Ultimately ensuring all your equipment is secure and comfortable for you and horse is key. Even learn several quick release rope tieing techniques that will always be utilized.

Ground Work

Having the knowledge to make a horse respect and listen to you without a fight is priceless. Learning Natural Horsemanship in conjuction with Ground Work is the absolute best Foundation you can have to achieve this.

Walk, Trot, Canter

No matter your style of saddle, everyone rides at a different pace. Learn tricks while your in the saddle to get you contolling the horse and your own movements at ANY speed!